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We as the Magnificent Suppliers Ltd Knows that Office supplies are an essential need for the everyday business or home office. We carry everything from paper clips, scissors and file folders to binders, staplers and many more essential office supplies. You’ll find what you need at Office Depot including office supplies for home, school or office. We carry the brands you know and trust.

Packing Tapes

Spring Files

Paper clips

Counter Books

Paper Punch


Bilo pens

White out

White Board

Paper Shrender

Maker Pens

Paper cutters

Box files

Pin Remover

Pen Holders

Exercise Books

Printing Papers

Binding Machines

Best Quality Products

We Have many more in our inventory and we know and ensure that the products we deliver to your office is of quality and the best in the market. We make sure that we do a timely delivery to ensure that your business is carried out in time.